Welcome in China 😄

Montélimar - Pékin

After eleven thousand kilometers wandered, thirty hours of plane and four fu****g lunches in high altitude, I was definitely arrived in China. One semester to increase my strategy/management skills and to eat lot of dogs, cats, scorpio…No I’m kidding, just scorpio! You know, during my classes in the the Business School of Beijing, I was « Jīngshén » but from France, some of my friends called me also « Tistongue », related to the huge production of flip-flop in China. Funny, isn’t…? Well. As a business student and a French passionate, I do various activities in my life but I focus my free-time to understand the entrepreneurship keys of success. Welcome to my travel blog, discover the best places I did and some short stories I lived!

Why China? 🌏

Just because I needed a new iPhone! Everyone knows that China is the best place to buy it. In fact, unfortunately Apple has the same sales policy all over the world. But don’t worry, I gained relationships with Chinese kids and they agreed to launch the production of the iPhone 8. So if you are interested feel free to contact me: tristan.mouz@yahoo.fr. However, maybe there won’t be an apple on the back… Is a peach okay as well? Nooooo, in reality, thanks to my bachelor degree I could follow my last semester abroad. I decided to choose China because the business school was really well-ranked and the core courses focused on « Doing business in China ».

I’ve never been in an exchange program before so this period gave me the opportunity to live differently and to discover a new kind of thinking. I wanted to know myself better, to improve how to arrange spending my time and to get out of my comfort zone. Time is the most precious asset we have, so it’s important to spend time on the most meaningful things!

My background 🎓

Once I obtained my bachelor degree, I started a communication degree located in the south of France. I obtained this first year but too theorical for me. So I left and decided to apply to the leading company of all-inclusive trips Club Meditérannée, to do a season as waiter in one of the twenty luxurious winter resorts throughout France. During 6 months I met lot of people and I was in a great work team. I could have just stayed there and would have become a restaurant manager… Instead of taking this opportunity I decided to choose an other way.

After this professional experience, I found a technical degree focused on business project and communication skills development. I learnt how to develop a company and the way to become an efficient leader. The pedagogical way of « learning by doing » was so enriching in particular concerning my internships. I obtained this technological degree in June 2015 after a remarkable internship as communication manager in a French sport company called Decathlon.

Then, I decided to integrate a third year of international bachelor completely in English because I could go abroad during the second semester. An opportunity of course but also a challenge because my English level was like a schoolboy. Doesn’t matter, I was boosted to succeed this year and to study in China even if my English level was the worst of my class…

Tristan à Pékin
During this semester, the funniest thing was to interact with others students, especially outside of the University with Chinese people. Each day was a new adventure, a challenge further a beautiful experience with lot of fantastic memories. Finally, I’m really glad to did this experience because at the end I had successfully completed my degree!

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